Adam Thurling


My name is Adam and my amazing wife is Jess, we are Christians, We believe Jesus is the answer. I personally met our Abba one faithful night in a park, this is where he raptured my heart and set me on a course of discovery! The supernatural is natural when we understand who He says he is and also who He says we are. This is my utmost desire.

I adore Him, He is everything!

When I met God that night in the park I was totally overcome, describing what happened is not justified in writeing, but what I can say is this, He is real, He is loving and He is passionately pursuing you. I Cried out that night for God to prove himself in the midst of my turmoil, “If you are real”… I fell to my knees and as I wept and He began to minister worth to me.

This Page is a journey of that process of discovery in who He is and who He says I am.

He has called us to establish His Love in the hearts of men, to do this we try to live out love in every way possible.

Primarily we minister into issues surrounding the father’s heart, heal wounds of religious conditioning and re-establish a pure connection with our father in heaven. He loves you so much!

I am happily married to my Beautiful wife, who supports and champions me at every turn, Jessica Thurling has been instrumental on this journey of discovery for me!

Thank You Jess, you are the solid foundation to this prodigal’s journey.