Matt McGrath – Youth Pastor, Morwell Apostolic Church

“Adam and Jess came to our youth group and to this day the youth still talk about that Friday night! Adam brought a word on our intimate relationship with the father, and he has a real gift for expressing how God views us and our identity in Christ. Following the message, Adam and Jess entered into ministry time with our youth and most if not all of our youth received prayer for an area of their life. The trust and rapport that they had built beforehand really helped them to be able to speak into people’s lives and see healings, prophesies and chains broken. Both of their gifts work hand in hand so well, and their teamwork in ministry is one of the most compelling parts. With Jess in her amazing gift for worship, ability to move in the prophetic, and Adams ability to express God’s love, challenge people’s perception of who God is, and to also move in the spirit. I can’t wait to see these guys continue to minister to individuals and to see them continue to grow in their ability to share the gospel.”

Sam Mudie – Camp Manager, Mill Valley Ranch Campsite

Vicki Rochow – PreviousArea manager, Young Life Barossa