Gap Youth – Morwell Apostolic

Late last year, 2016 we ministered at Morwell Apostolic Church, we had a great night. Preaching on sonship, it always stirs up value issues. One of my favourite testimonies came out from this time. We did the altar call of which eighty percent of the kids answered, one kid’s arm got healed. Even more exciting than healing taking place is a heart restoration, I felt to do a second altar call and a young girl answered, the father spoke to me about her saying she had a curse spoken over her. “you are not worth loving,” I asked her about this, she immediately started weeping as she revealed it had been spoken to her that very morning, and she believed it!

God set her free from not loving herself that night.

This wrecked me.

While this was happening my wife was praying over kids left right and centre. The accuracy of the prophetic this night lit a fire in our hearts to set people free.