Adam Thurling

I met the father at the age of 18, love radically changed my life direction. After being rejected as a child and forgotten as a teenager, anger took its toll on me. By the age of 18, I was confused and broken. I looked to drugs and violence, sex and addiction to fill a void. Then I met Love in person. This is a ministry of reconciliation, one that provokes you to your core and allows you to love the you that you loath.

Allow me to introduce you to the God the father, He looks feels and sounds a lot like the person of Christ.

Hebrews 1:3

In January, we ministered at Mill Valley Ranch Youth Camp, we had a great time. There were many testimonies that came from our ministry there. One of my favourites was a young girl who slept walked to the chapel speaking out, ” I Have to find Him, I Have to find Him,” Her leader followed her there and asked who are you looking for? The girl answered while in her sleep, ” I need to find God and ask him if I am worth loving.” This deeply impacted me, the father wants to penetrate the hearts of everyone he comes across, doing a deep work in our youth and establishing Kingdom Love from an early age.